Private Lessons

Centennial HS Private Lesson Staff 2017-2018


The Centennial Private Lesson Program offers students the ability to enhance their musical experience through private instrumental music lessons. Through interviews and auditions, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that our teachers are able to provide the highest quality instrument-specific instruction available in the DFW area. 
By investing in private lessons for your child, you are:
  1. Giving your child the best chance for success in band;
  2. Providing the impetus for your child's life long enjoyment and appreciation of music and the arts;
  3. Allowing your child to be provided with individualized instruction that goes at his/her own pace
  4. Providing an avenue for increased self-expression that will serve to reinforce and heighten an overall positive self-image;
  5. Greatly reducing the chance of burnout, boredom, or indifference towards music and band (consequently, students who are in lessons tend to be more motivated to practice and continue their musical growth - many times they go on to serve their peers as student leaders of the band).
The importance of the enrichment program cannot be overstated. While lessons are not required, they are strongly encouraged. The 30 minutes per week your child would spend with a professional on his/her instrument is infinitely more important than the 4 hours the student spends with a band director during class! Depending upon lesson teacher schedule, lessons can be given before school, during band class, or after school. The fee for lessons for most teachers is $18-20 per ½ hour paid directly to the Private Lesson Teacher.  Teachers from Fort Worth Symphony may have a higher rate.